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  • Row context in DAX

    Understanding the difference between row context and filter context is the first and most important concept to learn to use DAX correctly. This article introduces the row context, and is part of a series of articles about evaluation contexts in…  Read more

  • Horizontal fusion is a new optimization technique available in DAX to reduce the number of storage engine queries. In this article, we introduce this optimization with some examples.  Read more

  • RANKX is a simple function used to rank a value within a list of values. Its use is simple, but it can be a source of frustration for newbies. In this article we introduce the RANKX function with a few…  Read more

  • ALLSELECTED is an extremely complex function to use in DAX. In this article, we provide an introduction to ALLSELECTED and its main use cases, leaving the most intricate details to more advanced articles.  Read more

  • RELATED and its companion function RELATEDTABLE, are two common DAX functions that are required when using a row context with relationships. In this article we describe why and when to use these two functions.  Read more

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