Excel 2007


DefaultMember, subcubes and non-aggregatable attributes

Today I discovered that DefaultMember might result in a member other thant the default dimension member. Reading documentation , I got the idea that DefaultMember would be always the default member defined for a dimension into a cube. In reality, the


DateTool dimension: an alternative Time Intelligence implementation

Year-To-Date and Difference-Over-Previos-Year (or Year-Over-Year Growth) are among the most required features of any user. Some OLAP client (like ProClarity) offers features that try to solve this problem client-side, but I don’t like this approach given


SSAS 2005 SP2 breaks Excel calculated member selection

After many tries, today I came to the conclusion that Analysis Services 2005 SP2 breaks the Excel 2007 calculated member selection feature. I already talked about this issue here , but today I found the way to reproduce the error. This is a scenario that