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I recently stumbled across a strange behavior of HASONEVALUE, which also impacts the SELECTEDVALUE function. When the only selected item in a column is a numeric value 0 and the column also contains a blank value, there is a bug in the current implementation that does not identify such a


Latest news from PASS Summit 2017

PASS Summit is the largest conference about the Microsoft Data Platform technology. Started as a Professional Association for SQL Server community, now the PASS brand includes the many technologies included in the Microsoft Data Platform. It is a large and active community, and the PASS Summit is the biggest annual


VertiPaq Analyzer

VertiPaq Analyzer is useful to analyze VertiPaq storage structures for a data model in Analysis Services Tabular. A complete description and short tutorial is available in the article Data Model Size with VertiPaq Analyzer.


Filtering and comparing different time periods with Power BI

This article introduces a technique to filter and productively compare two time periods with Power BI.


Offline model editor experience for Power BI

Professional BI developers using Analysis Services and advanced users working with Power BI share a common pain. Their productivity editing a large data model is much lower than what you might expect in 2017. There are many reasons for that. The most important ones are the automatic update of the


Avoiding circular dependency errors in DAX

This article explains how DAX handles dependencies between tables, columns and relationships, to help you avoid circular dependency errors.


Why data modeling is important in #powerbi

I have a long experience in working on reporting systems based on semantic models. Now we call them “self-service BI”, but the principles are the same we had in DSS (decision support system), OLAP (on-line analytical processing), and many other names that we’ve seen over the years. The basic idea


Missing automatic update of Data Gateway for Power BI

Recently Microsoft unified the Data Gateway so that you have a single gateway for Power BI, Azure Analysis Services, Power App, Flow and maybe much else. However, it seems that automatic updates are not even planned at the moment as a feature for the Data Gateway. I understand that there



This article explains how to use KEEPFILTERS to intersect instead of overriding an existing filter context in DAX, simplifying the code and improving performance.


Power BI Visuals Reference

Power BI is a great tool that includes several high quality charts. In addition to the built-in ones, there are more than 100 custom visuals that you can get for free from the Office Store or import directly from Power BI itself. How to choose the right visuals for your