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Programming Microsoft LINQ in .NET 4

30 months after the LINQ book based on .NET 3.5, it is now available the Programming Microsoft LINQ in Microsoft .NET Framework 4 ! I wrote this book with Paolo Pialorsi and we updated existing content adding several chapters. This is the list of chapters:  Read more

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Corrections for Programming Microsoft LINQ book

I just published an updated version of the corrections for the Programming Microsoft LINQ book that I wrote with Paolo Pialorsi. If you don’t have the book, remember that you can download some sample chapters from the book web site .  Read more

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LINQ to SQL vs LINQ to Entities – decisions from ADO.NET team

To make a long story short: the ADO.NET team is now responsible of ADO.NET Entity Framework (including LINQ to Entities) and of LINQ to SQL (the last one was originally in charge of the a separated team, tied to the C# compiler). There is an evident overlapping  Read more