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  • Yesterday I answered to a question related to parameters in DAX that could be useful to other readers who use DAX in Reporting Services (SSRS): how to manage missing parameters of a DAX query? I wrote an article in the…  Read more

  • Recently I have seen a long demo of BonaVista Dimensions . It is a product that is able to create reports and, most important dashboards. You can use it also without SQL Server and Analysis Services, just by importing data in a local cube file that you  Read more

  • Microsoft recently announced a new roadmap for its BI architecture. The next version of SQL Server, codenamed “Denali”, is going to introduce a new semantic model named BISM (Business Intelligence Semantic Model). Analysis Services will host it and it  Read more

  • I'm attending a session about SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 where I've seen one of the mostly wanted missing features of previous versions of Reporting Services: it is the Rich TextBox component, that can embed placeholders to compose text with data  Read more

  • I just attended the session named "Applied Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services" held by of Teo Lachev . Teo developed a complex solution that allow an end user to build its own reports with financial data, using Reporting Services as a back-end  Read more

  • Almost ten years ago (...ouch!) I visited Australia and I had a real love for Sydney. I got these memories tonight because I found a detailed list when I was looking for some existing request for new features in Reporting Services. One is the Rich TextBox  Read more