Since 2004, we have been helping people solve issues with BI technologies such as Power BI, Power Pivot, and Analysis Services.
We now specialize in DAX and Data Modeling.

So far, we have already written 13 books, taught 382 classes, and spoken at 120 public events.

Many people and companies* trust us. You too, can trust us.
*We respect our customers' privacy, so you will not find their names and logos on our website.
Our services
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    We quickly solve issues that are slowing down your reports or slowing down the development of your solution in Power BI, Power Pivot, or Analysis Services.

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    We analyze your model remotely and track down any bottlenecks. We provide suggestions on how to modify the DAX formulas and/or the data model in order to achieve optimal performance.

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    We provide an assessment of your existing or upcoming model on Power BI or Analysis Services. This typically involves an in-depth study of your Tabular data model, DAX calculations, and workload.

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    All our services are available to you remotely or on site. On-site consulting involves advance planning, and it allows for better quality interaction with your developers.

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    Consider us your partners. As we work together, you can trust that your needs are always answered: we can stop developing and start teaching, or we can stop teaching and start developing side-by-side with you.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: My DAX query does not return the values I expected. Can you help me?
    A: We can help you in different ways. If time is of the essence, you can use our Remote Consulting services. For a long-term solution, you might prefer the Mastering DAX course.
  • Q: My Power BI report is slow. How can I improve it?
    A: We first need to identify the root cause. It can be an issue with the data model, a DAX expression may be slow, or there may be another problem. The best approach is to purchase a Remote Consulting package, spend a few hours investigating the issue and then fix the problem. For a more long-term approach, consider investing in our Optimizing DAX course.
  • Q: I need to train a team of 10 people on DAX and/or Analysis Services. Can you arrange an on-site course?
    A: Your best option is to organize an On-site training course, where we can customize our content to match your needs. Public courses are cheaper for up to four or five attendees. However if more people are to attend, an on-site course will be a more affordable option and will simplify the logistics aspect for your students.
  • Q: I am new to Power BI and DAX. Where should I start?
    A: We have good news for you: we have created a page entirely dedicated to the different steps needed to become a DAX guru. Go to this page and follow the steps, choosing the method - book, online video course, classroom training - that best fits your needs.
  • Q: I created a solution using Power BI or Analysis Services. How do I know if everything is optimized right?
    A: We provide assessments as part of our services. If you have a solution built on top of the Tabular engine, we can review it to make sure that all the best practices were implemented and that your DAX code is well optimized. Then, if we have any doubts, we can discuss it online to make sure your product has been thoroughly checked by our DAX experts.
  • Q: I read all your articles, but my problem is a different one. Can you help me?
    A: If you need assistance fast, then you can use our consulting services. If on the other hand, you would like to submit an idea for a future article, drop us an email. We are always interested in learning about new topics and in solving scenarios with DAX.

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