When the new thing is not new but still good

We did it again! Yesterday, as an April Fool, we published an article written by ChatGPT-4 (Revolutionizing Power BI: Introducing the Ultimate Formula Language), which described better than I could have ever done the excitement for a new revolutionizing language:…  Read more

DAX Patterns

Parameter table

The parameter table pattern is used to create parameters in a report so that users can interact with slicers and dynamically change the behavior of the report itself For example a report can show the top N products by category…  More on DAX Patterns


DAX Patterns, Second Edition

A pattern is a general, reusable solution to a frequent or common challenge.
This book is the second edition of the most comprehensive collection of ready-to-use solutions in DAX, that you can use in Microsoft Power BI, Analysis Services Tabular, and Power Pivot for Excel. Read more