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  • Activating bidirectional cross-filter in a Tabular data model might create ambiguous paths in the chain of relationships, resulting in very dangerous models as numbers become unpredictable. This article provides a deep explanation of the kind of ambiguity that might appear…  Read more

  • This article describes how to read the active security roles in a Tabular model for Power BI or Analysis Services. This way, you can use measures and calculation groups to customize a report based dynamically on security roles active for…  Read more

  • This article describes a reference Date table in DAX using a Power BI template. The same technique can be used in Analysis Services models. Download the latest version of the template in the Dax Date Template page.  Read more

  • Handling BLANK in DAX

    The blank value in DAX is a special value requiring particular attention in comparisons. It is not like the special null value in SQL, and it could appear in any conversion from a table expression. This article explores in details…  Read more

  • Both GROUPBY and SUMMARIZE are useful functions to group by columns. However, they differ in both performance and functionalities. Knowing the details lets developers choose the right function for their specific scenario.  Read more

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