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  • After the SQLBI+ launch in November 2022, we released the first update with additional content: two sessions about Time Intelligence and one whitepaper about the new DAX window functions. This is much more than the single Time Intelligence session we…  Read more

  • If you create server aliases for SQL Server connections, you should be aware of the changes introduced in SQL Server 2022. At SQLBI we use aliases to identify the server’s name in the connection of our sample files (Power BI…  Read more

  • DAX Studio 3 released!

    DAX Studio 3 was released today. This new, major version offers a new user interface and user experience, providing a modern look and feel without losing any of the features available in previous versions. On the contrary, in DAX Studio…  Read more

  • If you try to use SELECTEDVALUE on the visible column of the table generated by the Fields Parameters feature in Power BI, you get the following error: Calculation error in measure ‘Sales'[Selection]: Column [Parameter] is part of composite key, but…  Read more

  • When working on the Mastering Tabular video course, we needed a sample database with more data than what we had at our disposal in existing sample databases. We also wanted to be able to control the content so that different…  Read more

  • Did you ever experience a long waiting time while opening a Power BI Desktop file? There could be many reasons for that, but if you have calculated columns and/or calculated tables in your model, you should be aware that they…  Read more

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