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  • UPDATE 2021-06-29: also read Choosing Azure Analysis Services or Power BI Premium for large datasets – SQLBI containing updates about Power BI Premium Gen2. I often get questions about use cases for Azure Analysis Services. So I wanted to do…  Read more

  • When you create and publish a composite model using DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services, you should pay attention to the minimal permissions required to consume data. For example, consider the following scenario: Base is a shared dataset…  Read more

  • Don’t miss the upcoming free SQLBI live event on Friday April 16, 2021! Join Adam Saxton, Alberto Ferrari, Patrick LeBlanc, and Marco Russo to discuss common mistakes in big data models. Proper data modeling will be a hot topic in…  Read more

  • A name is important. The right name is important. In this post, I reflect on the choice of names in the Microsoft BI stack. From time to time, a bad name arises. Not a big issue, as together we tend…  Read more

  • Introducing DAX.do

    DAX.do is a new website by SQLBI where you can write and run DAX queries over a sample Contoso database. The goal of DAX.do is purely educational: if you are learning DAX or are merely curious to test a new…  Read more

  • On my recording gear

    When I started publishing YouTube videos, I was eager to read about the setup of other speakers. I was starting from scratch, needing to purchase all the equipment, and I had no idea how to get the most bang for…  Read more

  • In the past few months, we delivered an increasing number of sessions online. It did the job as a replacement for in-person events, but we did not particularly enjoy the lack of interaction among other limitations. We want to provide…  Read more

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