Power BI is a great tool that includes several high quality charts. In addition to the built-in ones, there are more than 100 custom visuals that you can get for free from the App Source or import directly from Power BI itself.

How to choose the right visuals for your reports/dashboards among all these resources?
To answer this question, we created a clean reference that lists nearly all the visuals available today, categorized by their case of use. For some of the visuals listed there, we indicated that are suitable for dashboards or discouraged to use them.

The categories we identified are:

  • Comparison
  • Change over time (Trend)
  • Part-to-whole
  • Flow
  • Ranking
  • Spatial
  • Distribution
  • Single

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The included visuals are:

100% Stacked Bar Chart, 100% Stacked Column Chart, ArcGIS Maps, Area Chart, Aster Plot, Beyondsoft Calendar, Bowtie by MAQ Software, Box & Whisker, Brick Chart by MAQ Software, Bullet Chart, Bullet Chart by OKViz, Calendar by Tallan, Calendar Visual, Candlestick by OKViz, Card, Card with States by OKViz, Chord, Circular Gauge by MAQ Software, Clustered Bar Chart, Clustered Column Chart, Count Down Timer, Custom Calendar by Akvelon, Donut Chart, Dot Plot, Dot Plot by MAQ Software, Dot Plot by OKViz, Drilldown Cartogram, Drilldown Choropleth, Dual KPI, Enhanced Scatter, Enlighten Bubble Stack, Enlighten Stack Shuffle, Enlighten Waffle Chart, Filled map, Flow map, Force-Directed Graph, Funnel, Gantt, Gauge, Grid by MAQ Software, Heat Streams, Heatmap, Histogram, Histogram with points by MAQ Software, Horizontal Funnel, Impact Bubble Chart, Infographic Designer, Journey Chart, KPI, KPI Column Chart, KPI Grid by MAQ Software, KPI Indicator, KPI Ticker by MAQ Software, KpiTable, Line and Clustered Column Chart, Line and Stacked Column Chart, Line Chart, Linear Gauge by MAQ Software, LineDot Chart, Map, Matrix, Mekko Chart, Multi-row Card, Network Navigator, Pie Chart, Power KPI, Quadrant Chart by MAQ Software, Radar Chart, Ribbon chart, Ring Chart by MAQ Software, Route map, Sankey, Scatter Chart, Scroller, Sparkline by OKViz, Stacked Area Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Stacked Column Chart, Stream Graph, Sunburst, Synoptic Panel by OKViz, Table, Table Heatmap, Table Sorter, Tornado, Trading Chart by MAQ Software, Treemap, Ultimate Variance, Ultimate Waterfall , Visio Visual, Waffle Chart, Waterfall Chart, Word Cloud.

The excluded visuals belong to the following types:

  • Visuals built with R
  • Control visuals (such as Slicer)
  • Textual visuals (such as Narrative, Text Wrapper, etc)
  • Not categorizable visuals or multi charts visuals (such as SandDance, MicroCharts, etc)
  • Funny, 3D and Skeuomorphic visuals – all the charts that we would not use in a real production environment (such as Aquarium, Cylindrical Gauge, etc)