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Announcing DAX Patterns second edition

Great news! Just one year after releasing the second edition of The Definitive Guide to DAX, we just published a new website, a new book, and a new collection of videos: the second edition of DAX Patterns! DAX Patterns is…  Read more

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Analyzing events with a duration in DAX

This article analyzes how to efficiently work with events that lasts over time, such as the duration of an order considering the distance between order date and ship date.  Read more

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Computing New Customers in DAX

In this article, Alberto Ferrari describes a new efficient way to compute returning customers in DAX thanks to an idea suggested by a student attending an Optimizing DAX workshop.  Read more

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Budgeting with PowerPivot

Power BI offers new features for creating dashboards on the cloud. In this session, you will learn how to create data models, display visualizations and synchronize cloud data with on premise data sources. In order to use these new features,…  Watch now

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DAX Patterns

The DAX language has a low number of built-in functions, but it is very flexible and you can write complex calculations with it. It is so flexible that you might find many alternative ways to write an expression solving a…  Watch now

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DAX Patterns: Banding, New vs Old, Many-to-many

Alberto Ferrari shows how to solve common business patterns using the DAX language in this 50-minute, demo-focused video. Patterns are useful for two reasons: they let you learn advanced DAX techniques and, by adapting their code to your needs, you…  Watch now

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DAX Time Intelligence

Alberto begins this video with a brief introduction to Time Intelligence, before showing you how to create a calendar table, which is needed for any time intelligence function to work. It can be created using Excel, or by loading it…  Watch now