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How CALCULATE works in DAX

The CALCULATE function in DAX is the magic key for many calculations we can do in DAX. However, it is not pretty intuitive how it works and I spent a lot of time trying to understand how it can be used. First of all, this is the syntax. CALCULATE( <expression>,  Read more

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Who will be the Gemini users?

In these days, I’m starting to use Gemini and I’m discussing about it in dedicated CTP newsgroups. I recently wrote a message that I’d like to share here, but not before some considerations. First of all, like Chris said , Gemini is less than a threat  Read more

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Microsoft BI Conference recap: What about PerformancePoint v2?

I’m a little bit disappointed of not getting information about PerformancePoint v2 at the Microsoft BI Conference 2008 . Why to announce Gemini that will be shipped in 2010, and not mention a single word about PerformancePoint v2, which whould be shipped  Read more

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Gemini and SSAS explained

I got some more information about Gemini. As Mosha said , it is Analysis Services. As you know, SSAS has always been available also as a client tool, using the same engine of the server product to create local cubes. The Kilimanjaro release will add several  Read more