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Large Dimensions in SSAS Tabular #ssas #vertipaq

After many years of helping several companies around the world creating small and large data models using SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular, I’ve seen a common performance issue that is underestimated at design time. The VertiPaq engine in SSAS Tabular  Read more

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Passing parameters to DAX measures

You cannot create functions in DAX, and this is a limitation to certain abstractions you might want to implement for complex models. I used a pattern that allows you to “pass an parameter” to a DAX measure, simulating the behavior of a function at least  Read more

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New features in DAX Editor #dax #tabular #ssas

In the last few weeks I and Teo Lachev took the ownership of DAX Editor code. It is an add-in for Visual Studio that allows you to edit DAX measures in a text editor instead of using the Measure grid. It also provides other features (such as editing measures  Read more