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  • Mark as Date table

    Tabular models (including Power BI) require marking the Date table as a date table to get appropriate results with time intelligence calculations. This article explains why this setting is required.  Read more

  • ALLEXCEPT is a handy DAX function to retrieve all the columns of a table except for some. When used as a CALCULATE modifier, its behavior is less intuitive and might result in inaccurate measures. In this article, we elaborate on…  Read more

  • Everyone using DAX is probably used to SQL query language. Because of the similarities between the Tabular data modeling and the relational data modeling, there is the expectation that you can perform the same operations as those allowed in SQL.…  Read more

  • USERELATIONSHIP lets you temporarily change which relationship is active. Even though USERELATIONSHIP is easy to work with in measures, it can be challenging and give you inaccurate results when used in calculated columns. In this article, we describe the details…  Read more

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