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The Cumulative Total #dax pattern

The first pattern published on is the Cumulative Total . Another common name of this calculation is Running Total, but the reason why we named the pattern in this way is that we identify all those scenarios in which you want to obtain  Read more

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Scheduled Data Refresh in Power BI #powerbi #powerpivot

Now that Power BI is finally available (I still use terms as “released” for software and “in production” for a service…) I made some test on the new Scheduled Refresh option that you have for your models (other info here . First of all, the Refresh feature  Read more

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Natural and Unnatural Hierarchies in #powerpivot and #tabular

Last week I wrote an article about Natural Hierarchies in Power Pivot and Tabular where I show why it is important creating natural hierarchies for performance reasons. I’d like to spend a few words about the reasons why this is so important, so you might  Read more

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Using Added Columns in #DAX Queries

I had an issue in a query that reminded me a few details naming columns created by ADDCOLUMNS. When you specify a simple name in ADDCOLUMNS, you can use it later, for example in a SUMMARIZE or in a FILTER expression, such as in the following example (see  Read more