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  • More than one year ago, I and Alberto started recording videos for Project Botticelli, and now we have a set of videos about DAX that you can watch online. There are a few videos free, and others are available in the monthly subscription. If you are interested,  Read more

  • Short version: the latest available version of MDX Studio can be downloaded from Long version: Last week Stacia Misner twitted that the online version of MDX Studio was no longer available. It was hosted on  Read more

  • Yesterday I and Alberto delivered the PreCon day about BISM Tabular in Analysis Services 2012. We received very good feedback and now I am looking forward to meet people that read our blogs and our books! Ping me on Twitter at @marcorus if you want to  Read more

  • The DAX query syntax allows you to insert a parameter by using the @ symbol. EVALUATE CALCULATETABLE ( 'Product Subcategory' , 'Product Category' [Product Category Name] = @Category ) Depending on the client and on the driver you are using to execute  Read more

  • Jeffrey Wang started the 2012 (or finished the 2011, depending on your time zone) by publishing the first article dedicated to DAX Query plan . While I look forward to reading next articles, it is interesting the explanation of what is the relationship  Read more

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