On April 23 I will present DAX in Action in London and Cardiff at SQLLunch event.
How is it possible I will be in two places at the same time?
This will be a remote presentation delivered in two locations, where you can have lunch while watching the session.

What is this session about? This is the session description:

Tabular is the new SSAS modeling experience and DAX is the new language to use to create BI solution with Tabular. How does it compare with MDX and Multidimensional? In this session, which is mostly based on demos, we will build a complex BI solution from scratch, starting from simple analysis and moving through complex scenarios, showing how you will leverage the tremendous speed of DAX to create complex solution on simple data models, focusing on the differences in building the same solution in MDX or DAX.

These free events are organized by the UK SQL Server User Group. If you are interested, you can register using the following links.
London : http://sqlserverfaq.com/events/534/SQLLunch-All-stuff-no-fluff-Marco-Russo.aspx
Cardiff : http://sqlserverfaq.com/events/535/SQLLunch-All-stuff-no-fluff-Marco-Russo.aspx