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Free Introducing LINQ book

Usually I write in this blog about Business Intelligence without too much consideration for “traditional” access to SQL Server. However, in a parallel universe I also wrote a book about LINQ and now that we are in full Christmas mode, I hope you may be  Read more

Real Report Builder 2008 improvements for Analysis Services

Brian Welcker (who is leaving SSRS team – good luck Brian!) has announced a long explanation of the Report Builder 2008 positioning . For me (and all of you who live in the multidimensional business…) the most important part of the post is this simple  Read more

SQL Server Virtualization

I just read the SQL Server Performance in a VMware Infrastructure 3 Environment performance study published by VMware (thanks to for the link ). Often I’ve been asked if it is a good move having a SQL Server in production in a virtual  Read more

DefaultMember, subcubes and non-aggregatable attributes

Today I discovered that DefaultMember might result in a member other thant the default dimension member. Reading documentation , I got the idea that DefaultMember would be always the default member defined for a dimension into a cube. In reality, the  Read more

MDX Studio

My backlog makes me late on a lot of announcements, but I’d like to post a link to the new MDX Studio by Mosha Pasumansky , because this is a very useful tool when you need to dig into an MDX query issue. There is a forum dedicated to the tool on SSAS  Read more

SSAS scale-out with SAN snapshot

Microsoft released a short whitepaper about how scaling-out queries to a SSAS database leveraging on SAN snapshot features . It’s an interesting read if you have a SSAS database with many users and don’t have the time to copy a database on several servers  Read more

DateTool dimension improvement

I fixed an issue of the DateTool dimension I presented in a previous post . The DateTool was unusable on OWC 11, which is the component used by BI Dev Studio and SQL Server Management Studio to browse a cube. I only added two statements in MDX Script  Read more