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Christmas gift: Excel AddIn 1.5 for Analysis Services 2005

Microsoft released a new release of Excel AddIn for SQL Server Analysis Services : it’s the version 1.5 which is compatible with Analysis Services 2005, compatible in the sense that it fully navigates attributes and hierarchies in a meaningful way. Unfortunately,  Read more

Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005

I just received a copy of Applied Microsoft Analysis Services , by Teo Lachev . I have to be honest: I already read drafts of this book through this year because I’ve been one of the reviewer. As I said to Teo, I didn’t realized before that this would’ve  Read more


Microsoft release KpiUtil , a tool that should facilitate the move of KPIs between Business Scorecard Manager 2005 and Analysis Services 2005. It could be useful…  Read more

Report Builder Model with UDM

Today I lost a lot of time digging on this problem so a I hope post about this will save time of other developers! I wanted to import the UDM into a model for Report Builder. You have to do these steps: go into SQL Server Management Studio connect to  Read more

SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack

The SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack is freely downloadable and contains a set of useful tools for SQL Server 2005: many items are for compatibility issues (DTS/DSO/DMO backward compatibility), but there are data mining viewer controls and JDBC drivers for  Read more

SSIS: how to migrate Data Transformation Task of a DTS

As you already know, the DTS migration wizard of SSIS 2005 doesn’t migrate Data Transformation Task in a Data Flow component, but instead it uses to encapsulate each Transformation Task into a legacy embedded DTS 2000 package. Now, you can imagine my  Read more

AS2000 magics: working without repository

Today I discovered that you can have a working AS2000 database without repository data relative to structure internals to that database (cubes and dimensions). Just to explain how it works. You have a “Foodmart 2000” database Into the Olap Data directory,  Read more

Star schema vs. snowflake with SSAS2005

Recently I discovered that a very large dimension could be loaded more effectively by SSAS2005 if it is designed as a snowflake schema instead than as a singular table (star schema). I have to say that I’m a strong supporter of star schema, but these  Read more

SSAS2005 connection via HTTP

A short post to link this article: Configuring HTTP Access to SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 . Very useful: I haven’t found a clear description for this task in Books On Line (but, we know, beta documentation is not  Read more

SQL 2005 Data Mining articles and books

This useful post of Karen Watterson has a link to the first chapter of the upcoming book Data Mining with SQL Server 2005 by ZhaoHui Tang and Jamie MacLennan. In the same post there are other useful links to articles and video about Data Mining on SQL  Read more