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Use of SQL Prompt / SQL Refactor with non-admin user

If you use SQL Prompt v3 and/or SQL Refactor like me (they are very useful), you will appreciate this hint on how to correctly enable SQL Server Management Studio add-in menus on a non-admin user account. You have to run this command within each non-admin  Read more

Scope of Named Set in MDX

I recently noted a behavior of named sets (specifically, the resolution order) that can be not so intuitive. When you define a named set on the cube, it has the same behavior of a session-scoped named set (the one you create with CREATE SESSION SET statement  Read more

Analysis Services Hardware Tuning

There is a new paper on project REAL available: this one cover the hardware class tuning for an Analysis Services database of hundreds of Gb. My first impression is good: it is useful to have a reference for benchmark analysis.  Read more

Data Mining Addin for Excel

My experience with the term “add-in” was that you have a piece of software put on top of a bigger software, just to enable some little functionality. Today at SQL Pass 2006 I’ve seen how this term has to be redefined. The Data Mining Add-ins for Office  Read more

If you attend SQL Pass 2006

I am here in Seattle attending SQL Pass 2006 . If you are around, feel free to stop me and say hi: I really like to meet blog readers and people who read my many-to-many paper . Let’s contact me if you want to set a meeting place.  Read more

The vardecimal type for the fact table

I still hadn’t time to install the SP2 CTP but I just read this post and I think it’s a very interesting thing! The VARDECIMAL could be an amazing feature! I encountered several times huges fact tables that have many NUMERIC measures. If the VARDECIMAL  Read more

SQL Server 2005 SP2 – CTP available

Here is available the SP2 CTP for SQL Server 2005. The what’s new document explain that there is an improvement in many-to-many dimension relationships calculations. I will try to evaluate the performance improvement, but unfortunately I’m in the middle  Read more