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SSAS 2008 calculated members still don’t love Excel 2007

I was tempted to start this post by this sentence “Analysis Services 2008 is not a new full release of SSAS” but as you can see, I resisted to it! :) Ok, it’s a joke. However, how do you interpret the answer “In the next full release of SSAS” when I asked  Read more

Updateable LINQ

Bart de Smet wrote a very interesting post about the possible creation of an Updateable LINQ provider, especially if it can be used for a SQL dbms (of course it would work with LINQ to SQL but it should be applicable to LINQ to Entities too). I like this  Read more

PDC 2008: the Cloud, the Conference and the Data Mining

The PDC 2008 is finishing and there are some news for developers that involves BI too. The big news of this PDC is Windows Azure. Microsoft enters the hosting service market, but unlike other players, there is a new programming model “for the cloud”.  Read more

Book signing at PDC 2008 (Programming LINQ)

If you are at PDC 2008 , I’ll be at book signing for Programming Microsoft LINQ at bookstore on Tuesday 28, during the coffee break between 3:00 and 3:30 PM. I and Paolo will be happy to meet you and receive your direct feedback about our LINQ book.  Read more

Gemini, metadata and the analogy game

Still some consideration about Gemini. In the last few days, I’ve seen some interesting posts and comments. Chris is still worried about the lose of control, and I agree with him that metadata are a key part of a complete BI solution, and today we are  Read more

Inevitability of Gemini

I looked at some of the Gemini comments wrote in the week-end. I’m sincerely worried about the possible abuse of this tool, just like everyone over there. However, I think that Microsoft shown Gemini so early (read my previous post about what Microsoft  Read more

Compatibility Checker for Excel Services

I just found this useful Add-In for Excel 2007 that checks the compatibility of a spreadsheet for Excel Services publication. I’d like to get feedback if you know other similar tools and/or if you have experience with this one.  Read more

Gemini and SSAS explained

I got some more information about Gemini. As Mosha said , it is Analysis Services. As you know, SSAS has always been available also as a client tool, using the same engine of the server product to create local cubes. The Kilimanjaro release will add several  Read more