Marco Russo's Blog posts of 2024

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SQLBI+ updates in May 2024

In 2023, we released the first draft of the Window functions in DAX whitepaper as part of SQLBI+. Since then, we have released a few updates and are now glad to announce the availability of the related 3-hour video course…  Read more

Strings list to table in DAX

DAX is not like M when it comes to data manipulation, and it is not supposed to do that. However, if you need something in DAX similar to Table.FromList in M, this blog post is for you. If you have…  Read more

Author’s responsibility

Digital media content creators have an ethical responsibility to journalistic integrity. All of them do; all of us… including myself.  Read more

The second edition of Optimizing DAX is complete

Almost a year ago, we announced the release of three sections (core concepts, formula engine, and VertiPaq); in November 2023, we released the DirectQuery over SQL section; now, in April 2024, we release the last section of Optimizing DAX about…  Read more

Compatibility levels and engine supported by Power BI Desktop

If you use Power BI Desktop and want to know the version of the engine that you use and/or the compatibility levels supported, you can run the following DMV query: SELECT * FROM $SYSTEM.DISCOVER_PROPERTIES WHERE [PropertyName] = ‘ProviderVersion’ OR [PropertyName]…  Read more

When the new thing is not new but still good

We did it again! Yesterday, as an April Fool, we published an article written by ChatGPT-4 (Revolutionizing Power BI: Introducing the Ultimate Formula Language), which described better than I could have ever done the excitement for a new revolutionizing language:…  Read more

Welcome, Kurt Buhler!

I am glad to announce that Kurt Buhler has started to work with us at SQLBI – we just published his first article and video, Improving data labels with format strings. Now that the cat is out of the bag,…  Read more