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Using SELECTEDVALUE with Fields Parameters in Power BI

If you try to use SELECTEDVALUE on the visible column of the table generated by the Fields Parameters feature in Power BI, you get the following error: Calculation error in measure ‘Sales'[Selection]: Column [Parameter] is part of composite key, but…  Read more

Creating your own Contoso star schema database

When working on the Mastering Tabular video course, we needed a sample database with more data than what we had at our disposal in existing sample databases. We also wanted to be able to control the content so that different…  Read more

About waiting time for Power BI Desktop to open

Did you ever experience a long waiting time while opening a Power BI Desktop file? There could be many reasons for that, but if you have calculated columns and/or calculated tables in your model, you should be aware that they…  Read more

What happened in the DAX world in 2021

The second year of the pandemic is coming to a close and despite the many uncertainties, we are all striving to push forward and look ahead. For sure, it is a good moment to see what happened in the DAX…  Read more

Setting the right permissions for users of composite models

When you create and publish a composite model using DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Analysis Services, you should pay attention to the minimal permissions required to consume data. For example, consider the following scenario: Base is a shared dataset…  Read more

Common mistakes in big data models – Live Event

Don’t miss the upcoming free SQLBI live event on Friday April 16, 2021! Join Adam Saxton, Alberto Ferrari, Patrick LeBlanc, and Marco Russo to discuss common mistakes in big data models. Proper data modeling will be a hot topic in…  Read more