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Microsoft BI Conference 2008 – announcements on stage

We’ve seen it on stage. It’s Excel on the steroids. I’m talking about “big announcement” here at Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference. The several announcements are: · Madison: the announcement of integration between SQL Server and DATAllegro, release  Read more

SQLBI Methodology at work

Today we published the draft of the paper ” SQLBI Methodology at work “. We applied the SQLBI Methodology to the well-known Adventure Works. As usual, we look forward to get your feedack in the dedicated forum .  Read more

SQL Server 2008 Cumulative Update 1

The first cumulative update for SQL Server 2008 has been shipped. It can be downloaded here . This cumulative update contains several hotfix released for AS2005 (CU8, CU9, CU10) but not included in SQL Server 2008 RTM. There is also some bug fixed.  Read more

Self-Service Business Intelligence

The next Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference is coming and I just looked at sessions to include in my agenda. Every time I do this work, I find something in sessions descriptions that anticipates something that is coming out as news announcement  Read more

Methodology comparison: Kimball, Inmon and SQLBI

This post is part of a Methodology discussion – other posts will follows. I will be happy to get your feedback! I am proud to announce a public draft of the first paper about the SQLBI Methodology . I and Alberto Ferrari tried to define a consistent methodology  Read more

Non-boolean LINQ predicates

Bart De Smet just wrote a long post about LINQ predicates that can be defined without returning a boolean value. This is something I partially evaluated writing the Programming Microsoft LINQ book, but in his post Bart goes very deep on this topic and  Read more

Active queries LINQ

Paul Stovell made a presentation on ” Reactive Programming and Bindable LINQ ” at TechED Australia 2008 (unfortunately, I was at the antipode in Italy, but the topic is really interesting). I didn’t know there are projects somewhat similar to Bindable  Read more

Classification of BI solutions

This post is part of a Methodology discussion – other posts will follows. I will be happy to get your feedback! One interesting question is “How do you measure the complexity of a BI solution?” If we need to decide whether a specific technique is suitable  Read more

Methodologies to build BI Solutions

In the last years I spent most of my time working on BI solutions based on the SQL Server platform. I had experiences with other architectures but I mostly used Kimball’s methodology to design relational databases feeding SSAS cubes. However, Kimball  Read more