Self-Service Business Intelligence

The next Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference is coming and I just looked at sessions to include in my agenda. Every time I do this work, I find something in sessions descriptions that anticipates something that is coming out as news announcement in some of the keynote. But this time, session titles are enough to see that big news are coming.

CL211 New Horizons for Microsoft Business Intelligence with Self-Service Analysis Technologies
presented by Donald Farmer and Amir Netz

PL308 New Horizons for Microsoft Business Intelligence with Self-Service Reporting
presented by Lukasz Pawlowski, Carolyn Chau, Sean Boon, Roger Sanborn, Chris Baldwin, Thierry D’hers

I don’t know if there are new products or new releases of existing products involved in these announcements. However, the keyword here is “self-service BI”. Other vendors already used this term in the past, now it’s the Microsoft turn. I hope to see real products and not only buzzwords.

BTW: I will attend the conference in Seattle – drop me a line if you will be there and you’d like to discuss the SQLBI Methodology with us (Alberto is coming too). You can find post about it using the Methodology tag.