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Report Builder trouble filtering date with UDM

Thanks to a blog reader, I just discovered that if you create a Report Builder Model from a UDM and try to create a report filtering a date field, the date you specify in the filter dialog box is inverted (months with days) when the MDX query is generated.  Read more

Post SP4 hotfixes for Analysis Services 2000

I just discovered that some weeks ago Microsoft released a cumulative upgrades of hotfixes for Analysis Services 2000 released after SP4. I have to say that I noted AS 2000 is less stable after SP4 intallation (I can say that after months of use) and  Read more

Alternative approach for SCD dimensions in SSIS?

Tonight I’ve studied how to improve performance of SCD transformation task of SSIS. I started from the consideration that in an actual SSIS package, the dimension processing is at least one magnitude slower than fact table processing; most of the time  Read more

CalendarTransform component for SSIS

I just downloaded and tried the CalendarTransform component for SSIS that Microsoft realesed with a shared source permissive license . It’s a useful data flow transformation component that is able to generate apparently all of the attributes you can desire  Read more

SSAS and role deployment

A few days ago I have encountered a system error deploying a SSAS project that involves role member. The error message is too generic and it hides the real cause of the problem that is very hard to find. The problem itself is really simple: if you try  Read more