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MapPoint 2006: first impressions

I tried MapPoint 2006 hoping to see an improved interface to UDM data. Unfortunately it seems there is not a direct support to OLAP cubes and a dynamic navigation with territory dimension. I wrote a proof-of-concept of a .NET WinForm application that  Read more

SSIS service does not start with SP1: workaround

SQL Server 2005 SP1 seems to stop many working installations of SSIS service. I lost some hour on this problem and only a few days after I discovered a good workaround here . While you install SQL Server 2005, setup procedure brings you to use NETWORK  Read more

Improve NTILE performance

Today I implemented a classification through a NTILE equivalent function. The T-SQL NTILE implementation has very bad perfomance when used against large datasets of rows, so I and Davide Mauri realized a better implementation that Davide posted some weeks  Read more

SqlBulkCopy bug with tablename containg dots

I’m trying to use SqlBulkCopy removing a C++ DLL I wrote two years ago to create staging tables in SQL Server from remote databases, dynamically creating queries to get data basing on table structure I defined into the staging database. This tool helped  Read more

Microsoft acquires ProClarity

The news is that Microsoft announced it has agreed to acquire ProClarity . Now a decent client for Analysis Services 2005 will be available from Microsoft, and I hope that a new commercial licensing scheme will allow to small companies to get a mixed  Read more

Memory configuration (no pitfalls!) in SSAS

I recently had some problem with memory configuration of SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 and I’d like to share lessons I got. This post is a replacement for my previous post , that I striked to keep history of some bad assumptions I initially made.  Read more

Memory configuration pitfalls in SSAS

I recently discovered a few pitfalls on memory configuration of SQL Server Analysis Services 2005: the main problem is that the default configuration (written by setup) doesn’t consider the actual physical resources (mainly RAM) of your server and this  Read more

Excel 2003 OLAP customization with VSTO

Thanks to Romeo Pruno , I just discovered a sample of Excel 2003 customization to access OLAP data through task panes. While this article deserves to be read, I think that client customization is a sort of “last resort”, to be applied only for particular  Read more