I’m trying to use SqlBulkCopy removing a C++ DLL I wrote two years ago to create staging tables in SQL Server from remote databases, dynamically creating queries to get data basing on table structure I defined into the staging database. This tool helped me to avoid repetitive work into DTS world and it used bulk insert feature of ODBC drivers (!) and of course I writed the tool in C# with a really little part of Managed C++ to wrap native API calls.

I said that I’m trying because SqlBulkCopy has two problems: the first one is that is a 25% slower than my hand-made tool, and in a 4-hour long run it would be a really dangerouse increase; the second one is a nasty bug: I have a lot of tables defined from other people that contains dots (.) into table name, and SqlBulkCopy has a nasty bug that prevent you to use similar names for destination table. I posted a bug into MSDN Feedback Center (Bug ID FDBK44111)and I hope the power of blog would help me to find people who will help me to raise the importance of this bug. I’d like to write less code and to rely on platform code :-)

UPDATE: bug fixed, now we have to wait the next SP of .NET Framework