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QueryLog in Analysis Services

More than 2 years ago I posted on the microsoft olap newsgroup a bug on the QueryLog table that Analysis Services uses to log user queries (very important to make usage based optimization). A KB was supposed to be pending, but after two years and a service  Read more

Transform Data Task (DTS2000) and SSIS

My first period using SSIS in a real-world application convinced me that there is a lack of support in migration of SQL2000 DTS packages, expecially in a star schema transformation scenario. Most of my actual DTS packages are combinations of SQL Execute  Read more

SSIS2005 feature request (small things)

May be it’s too late, but I think this requests (for SQL Server Integration Services 2005) could be scheduled at least for a SP1 if it’s not possible for the RTM. 1) Execute Task without debugger: it would be very nice to be able to execute a single task  Read more

Surrogate key generation in SSIS

In the last few days I tested several ways to generate surrogate keys when loading a dimension into a data mart. The classical approach with SQL Server is to rely on a INT IDENTITY column. It works fine, but you don’t know what surrogate key has been  Read more

Cascading many-to-many dimensions: unsupported scenario?

I already opened a bug and written on newsgroup about this specfic scenario, but I still haven’t received an answer. This morning I met Chris Webb in Munich (I’m attending SQL Pass Europe ) and he told me that one year ago someone of MS told him that  Read more

Database snapshots to feed a data warehouse?

I just attended the pre-conference of Kimberly Tripp at SQL Pass 2005 Europe . The topic was “New SQL Server 2005 features that a DBA need to learn” and I took advantage of this day to cover an area of SQL2005 I still haven’t explored. One consideration  Read more

Useful Reporting Service Scripter tool

I just discovered Reporting Services Scripter , which seems a very useful tool to move Reporting Services objects between different servers. Thanks to Davide Mauri for the link.  Read more

sp_OAxxx are evil

Today I’ve got a question from a student (I was teaching a DTS/AS course) that asked me if the use of sp_OAxxx stored procedures to launch a DTS package execution is a good thing (of course, in a production environment). My answer is very simple: never  Read more

Populating a fact table with SSIS

Approaching SSIS (Sql Server Integration Services) from a DTS background one of the questions that comes to mind is: what is the better way to populate a fact table? Assuming you have a conventional star schema, you should have a fact table with two kind  Read more