May be it’s too late, but I think this requests (for SQL Server Integration Services 2005) could be scheduled at least for a SP1 if it’s not possible for the RTM.   1) Execute Task without debugger: it would be very nice to be able to execute a single task without going in debugging mode. Just as you would ask “Start Without Debugging CTRL+F5” but for a single task   2) Customize default properties for task and component: when you drag a task on the package you get a default value for the properties that you could want to change; often I need to change the same property in the same way each time (for example I’d like to set the Batch Size for a OLE DB destination to 1000 instead than 0)   3) If you open a package and connections to data source are not available, propose to “work offline” at the first failed connection.   IMHO, these features would be very important for developer productivity. (these post is cross-posted to the yukon newsgroup too)