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Excel 12 BI revealed

I’ve just attended the Excel 12 BI session held by Amir Netz and Allan Folting. This is the first time that Excel 12 BI functionality are shown to the public. My expectations seems to be satisfied, even if I really want to put my hands on a Beta, but  Read more

Excel 12 and SharePoint v3

I’ve seen Excel 12 and SharePoint v3 integrated with SQL Server 2005 Report Builder and Analysis Services here at PDC: we’ve seen very little, but enough to understand that this combination is what can really leverage on SQL 2005 BI capabilities. Tomorrow  Read more

SSIS Migration Wizard as Shared Source: yes, please!

I’m sitting in DAT411 session room and I’ve just heared that Microsoft is considering to release SSIS Migration Wizard as shared source: please do it and do it now! :-) I’ve a lot of DTS packages that could be really better migrated if only I could modify  Read more

Range operation with SSAS2005

Today, while digging into time intelligence wizard-generated scripting, I discovered that Analysis Services 2005 has a new syntax for range operations that give us more flexiblity. You can define a range of members like “all members from X to the end”  Read more

The wonderful processing options of Analysis Services 2005

Today I deeply tested processing options of Analysis Services 2005. A complete discussion of it is available on this paper by T. K. Anand , so I will not describe what is already well written but I’d like to share my today experience. What is more interesting  Read more

Cascading many-to-many dimensions: it will work

I’m waiting for the next CTP (September 05?) because it should work with cascading many-to-many dimensions. In a previous post I talked about the lack of functionality when you have more many-to-many dimensions chained together (I named this scenario  Read more

Dimensional modeling with Analysis Services 2005

First of all, a praise to Ralph Kimball : in the last days I read for the second time his The Data Warehouse Toolkit and this second read has been very inspiring to me. This time I’ve had the perspective of Analysis Services 2005 (SSAS) as OLAP target  Read more

VSTS and SSAS 2005: another example of bad design?

Recently I’ve seen the multidimensional database that Visual Studio Team System use to produce statistics and reports about projects managed. There are several different cubes, each one with only one measure group, and many cubes use several dimensions  Read more

BizTalk 2004 and Analysis Services: bad cubes?

In these last busy two months I’ve seen many things that deserves to blog, but until now I hadn’t time to do it. But today I have 5 minutes to talk about the current BizTalk 2004 integration with Analysis Services 2000: this time I have some critics to  Read more

Multiple DISTINCT COUNT measures in SSAS 2005

Analysis Services has a limitation of one distinct count measure for each measure group; in the past, it was a limitation for the single cube. Each distinct count measure cause an ORDER BY clause in the SELECT sent to the relational data source during  Read more