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Patterns of dimensional modeling design

Alberto posted one of the patterns we use designing a dimensional model (this one is about the discretization of a measure into a dimension). We’d like to get some feedback about this solution: is there someone who used similar patterns? We consider this  Read more

MDX Query Performance Bottlenecks in SSAS 2005

Microsoft has released a valuable white paper with a self-explaining title: SQL Server Best Practices Article: Identifying and Resolving MDX Query Performance Bottlenecks in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services . The document has a part of explanation of  Read more

Red color for negative numbers in Analysis Services 2005

Sometimes there is a simple way to solve an issue. For example, if you want to color all measures (including calculated measures) in red when the value is negative, you can simply write: SCOPE ( Measures. AllMembers ); FORE_COLOR ( THIS ) = IIF ( Measures.  Read more

The “by design” abuse

In the last months, I got the infamous “it’s by design” answer for many bugs/issues/irrational behaviors I posted to Microsoft. For most of them I used the Connect web site, in a couple of cases I opened a formal incident to Microsoft support. There are  Read more

Beware changing the Attribute Key

BI Developer Studio does a lot of automatic changes when you change something. Each dimension is stored in a separate file, but many of the dimension informations are copied into cube files. When you modify a dimension which is already used by one or  Read more

DMVstats released

SQLCAT (Customer Advisory Team) has announced the release of DMVStats . It produces a database (calling it data warehouse is very ambitious) that contains snapshots caught through Dynamic Management Views (DMV) of SQL Server 2005. You can see database  Read more

Long life to TableDifference

It seems that Microsoft will not improve the slow SCD component that is part of SSIS (at least, this is what I understand from this Microsoft Connect answer ). This means that TableDifference has a long life because it will be useful even in SQL Server  Read more

Strange behavior with KEY0, KEY1, KEYn in SSAS

I just found that this query has different behavior (with breaking differences in result) with different builds of Analysis Services 2005. This is the query (I used a bitmap because this query throws an error when I try to put it in text in Community  Read more

Surrogate key issues with Analysis Services

Usually I don’t post something just to raise a question – but every rule has its exceptions. As you know, using surrogate keys is a best practice for a lot of reasons. Everything works fine with SSAS when you use surrogate keys with a plain star schema.  Read more