More than one year ago, I and Alberto started recording videos for Project Botticelli, and now we have a set of videos about DAX that you can watch online. There are a few videos free, and others are available in the monthly subscription. If you are interested, use this 20% discount code before the end of the December 2013: SQLBI20HOLS2013

The modules available now are the following:

  1. DAX in Action! Free!
  2. Calculated Columns vs. Measures Free!
  3. Introduction to DAX
  4. Evaluation Context
  5. CALCULATE Function
  6. Querying with DAX
  7. What Is Time Intelligence? Free!
  8. Time Intelligence in Depth
  9. Many-to-many Relationships in DAX Free!
  10. DAX Patterns: Banding, New vs Old, Many-to-many
  11. How to Calculate with Hierarchies in DAX? Free!
  12. Hierarchies in DAX

If you work with DAX… well, there will be a nice surprise in a few days, certainly before Christmas – stay tuned!

You can find on Project Botticelli other series of videos about BI in Excel (by Carmel Gunn), MDX (by Chris Webb) and Data Mining (by Rafal Lukawiecki).