Topic: Filter Context

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  • A filter argument in CALCULATE is always an iterator. Finding the right granularity for it is important to control the result and the performance. This article describes the options available to create complex filters in DAX.  Read more

  • Data lineage is such a well-implemented DAX feature that most developers use it without knowing about it. This article describes data lineage and how it can help in producing better DAX code.  Read more

  • RELATED and its companion function RELATEDTABLE, are two common DAX functions that are required when using a row context with relationships. In this article we describe why and when to use these two functions.  Read more

  • This article explains how to use KEEPFILTERS to intersect instead of override an existing filter context in DAX. Using KEEPFILTERS simplifies the code and improves performance.  Read more

  • Context transition is one of the most obscure topics for DAX newbies. In this article we introduce context transition, its effects, and how to leverage it rather than be scared of it.  Read more

  • CALCULATE is the most powerful and complex function in DAX. In this article, we provide an introduction to CALCULATE, its behavior, and how to use it.  Read more

  • Filter context in DAX

    Understanding the difference between a row context and a filter context is the first and most important concept to learn to use DAX correctly. This article introduces the filter context.  Read more

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