Topic: Calculation groups

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  • UPDATE 2023-07-09: we now have a section “Creating sets of calculation items and measures” in the Inside Calculation Groups published in June 2023 that describes a technique also mentioned in the comments of this blog post. The consumption experience following…  Read more

  • This month we have a new video course and whitepaper for SQLBI+ subscribers: Inside Calculation Groups is available! This course is a deep dive into calculation groups in DAX. Although you might already be familiar with calculation groups, it is…  Read more

  • Something really big is happening! The July 2020 version of Power BI Desktop allows you to create calculation groups in Power BI Desktop, thanks to the new “external tools” feature that enables the integration with Tabular Editor. We had been…  Read more

  • Power BI offers several options to create filters and slicers in a report. However, it is not possible to define a default filter at the model level so that every new report on a dataset automatically applies that filter. The…  Read more