UPDATE 2023-07-09: we now have a section “Creating sets of calculation items and measures” in the Inside Calculation Groups published in June 2023 that describes a technique also mentioned in the comments of this blog post.

The consumption experience following the introduction of calculation groups needs to be improved in Power BI. For example, the immediate advantage of having a time intelligence calculation group is that it is no longer necessary to create multiple variations of the same measure to implement all the possible time intelligence calculations. However, what happens when you have a matrix with Sales Amount, Total Cost, Margin, but you want to show the current value for all the measures and the year-over-year difference only for the Margin measure? Today, if you add a year-over-year calculation item to the matrix, you get the year-over-year of all the measures. We would like to get rid of the columns highlighted in red in the following screenshot.

If you consume the same dataset from a PivotTable in Excel, you can customize the columns to display in the report by creating a named set.

However, in Power BI there is no user interface option to show only the combinations of measures and calculation items that you want. If you believe that that feature would be useful you can vote for this idea at the following link: Selection of arbitrary combinations of measures and other table/column items in visuals.