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Apply AND Logic to Multiple Selection in DAX Slicer

When you apply a multiple selection to a slicer or to a filter, you obtain a logical OR condition between selected items. This article shows how to implement a logical AND condition in a measure instead of the standard OR…  Read more

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Transition Matrix Using Calculated Tables

In the 2015 September update, Power BI introduced calculated tables, which are computed using DAX expressions instead of being loaded from a data source. This article shows the usage of calculated tables to solve the pattern of transition matrix for…  Read more

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Calculated Columns and Measures in DAX

One of the first concepts to learn in DAX is the difference between calculated columns and measures. This article shortly recaps the differences and describes when to use each one.  Read more

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Costs of Relationships in DAX

The relationships in a data model queried by DAX are a fundamental part of the engine and simplify the query itself. This article examines the cost of relationships in a data model, providing hints to optimize them.  Read more

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Data Model Size with VertiPaq Analyzer

Analyzing table and column size is an important step in optimizing a data model for Power Pivot, Power BI, or Analysis Services Tabular. This article describes VertiPaq Analyzer, an Excel workbook to analyze detailed information extracted from Dynamic Management Views.  Read more