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What has happened in the DAX world in 2020

At the end of a year marked by the pandemic, it is time for our usual review of what happened in the DAX realm. The enthusiasm we typically demonstrate in this traditional end-of -year post is tainted this year by…  Read more

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Import vs. DirectQuery in Power BI

Should you use Import or DirectQuery data connectivity mode for your Power BI models? Let’s make the right choice by comparing the performance and scalability of the two options!  Watch now

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KPIs in Tabular models for Power BI and Excel

A Tabular model can define a measure as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), thus providing a visual indicator for status and trend. This article describes in detail the KPI settings needed to get the best result using Power BI and…  Read more

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External Tools for Power BI – London Power BI User Group

Power BI has an integration with external tools that can provide additional features and improve the productivity of report authors. In this session we see how this integration works and we analyze a few popular external tools like DAX Studio,…  Watch now