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DAX Studio 2.1 – New Features

DAX Studio 2.1 has new important features to analyze query plans and find bottlenecks in your DAX queries. This is a short introduction to this new version.  Watch now

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Optimizing & Analyzing DAX Query Plans

DAX is super-fast, you can use it to query billions of rows in less than one second. End of marketing, now let’s go back to the real world. If your query is not performing as advertised, it is time to…  Watch now

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Microsoft PowerPivot Excel 2013 in Action

Microsoft Excel 2013 and Business Intelligence: a marriage made in heaven. PowerPivot and Power View, the two most exciting BI tools in the Microsoft stack are now integrated into Excel 2013, providing the perfect environment to build self-service BI solutions.…  Watch now

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DAX Query Engine Internals

The VertiPaq engine, which is the core of the new SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular engine, has an unprecedented level of performance, thanks to its fine-tuned architecture and its ability to perform fast cross-fltering. Automatic cross filtering between columns of…  Watch now