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Create chained relationships in PowerPivot

If you get an error trying to create chained relationships in PowerPivot (i.e. Customers – Orders – OrderDetails), there is a known issue with a possible workaround. The item is described on Connect, but here is the issue and the workaround: ISSUE: A  Read more

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Using SSAS 2005/2008 as PowerPivot Data Source: Direct MDX

If you write direct MDX queries using SSAS 2005/2008 as a PowerPivot data source, it is better if you prepare your MDX query by using another editor. For example, write and test your MDX query by using SQL Server Management Studio and then copy &  Read more

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Using SSAS 2005/2008 as PowerPivot Data Source: Query Designer

The query designer in PowerPivot has a few limitations that require the manual modification of the MDX query to get data that are often needed to create a PowerPivot model that compares data from cube with data from other sources (like Excel workbooks  Read more

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Importing data from Analysis Services 2000 to PowerPivot

Companies that have cubes on Analysis Services 2000 and still have not completed a migration to SSAS 2005/2008 might be interested in connecting to AS2000 from PowerPivot. Unfortunately, there are several limitations about using AS2000 as a data source  Read more

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Vizubi: the first competitor of PowerPivot

A couple of weeks ago the first version of Vizubi has been released. It is an Excel AddIn with many of the features of PowerPivot, but also with a few important differences. I made some tests and in this post I give my first impression of the product.  Read more

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How to start with PowerPivot for Excel

Now that Office 2010 has been released, many people will start looking for resources to start learning PowerPivot. Of course, the book I’m writing will be helpful when it will be published (September 2010), but you can also start with some online content  Read more