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  • DAX supports dates starting in 1900 and while teaching DAX I always explain that DAX manages dates like Excel, which is the reason why these limitations exist. Actually, this is true – but answering to a comment today I realized…  Read more

  • DAX has many time intelligence functions that are often redundant, offering different shorter syntaxes for longer more generic functions. However, sometimes the shorter syntax could be dangerous, as I explain in this blog post where I suggest using CALCULATE and…  Read more

  • UPDATE 2019-10-18 Because of a bug in YEARFRAC function described in the original blog post and reported by Dominik Petri (thanks!), there are cases where the previous solution does not work well. Moreoever, YEARFRAC is not that fast, so a…  Read more

  • I received a question about how to implement the equivalent of a DISTINCTCOUNTX function in DAX. Well, such a function doesn’t exist in DAX, but imagine you want to write something like: The corresponding measure working in DAX is: In…  Read more

  • During a conversation at PASS Summit, one of the developers of Power BI shown me a way to use TREATAS in place of IN in DAX. I am not sure it increases readability of the code, but let’s examine pros…  Read more

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