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Distinct Count of Customers in a SCD Type 2 in #DAX

If you have a Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) Type 2 for your customer and you want to calculate the number of distinct customers that bought a product, you cannot use the simple formula: Customers := DISTINCTCOUNT( FactTable[Customer Id] ) ) because  Read more

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Investigating on xVelocity (VertiPaq) column size

  In January I published an article about how to optimize high cardinality columns in VertiPaq . In the meantime, VertiPaq has been rebranded to xVelocity: the official name is now “xVelocity in-memory analytics engine (VertiPaq)” but using xVelocity  Read more

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Why to use #Tabular in Analysis Services 2012 #ssas

A few months ago I gave a speech at SQLBits 9 comparing Vertipaq vs. OLAP (you can watch session recording here ), which I repeated a few times in other conferences and webcasts. The title was intentionally provocative but it contained an explanation  Read more

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Create a #dax Measure in a Session in #BISM #Tabular

Thanks to Greg Galloway that pointed me out this is possible, in this post I want to show how to create a measure local to a session. This could be done in SQL Server Management Studio, even if it is probably not so useful for a Tabular model considering  Read more