Next week I will finally start the roadshow of the SSAS Tabular Workshop, a 2-day seminar about the new BISM Tabular model for Analysis Services that has been introduced in SQL Server 2012. During these roadshows, we always try to arrange some speeches at local community events in the evening – we already defined for Copenhagen, we have some logistic issue in Amsterdam that we’re trying to solve. Here is the timetable:

  • Netherlands
    • SSAS Workshop in Amsterdam, NL – April 16-17, 2012
      • 2-day seminar, I and Alberto will be the trainers for this event, register here
    • We’re trying to manage a Community event but we still don’t have a confirmation, stay tuned
  • Denmark
    • SSAS Workshop in Copenhagen, DK – April 26-27, 2012
      • 2-day seminar, I and Alberto will be the trainers for this event, register here
    • Community event on April 26, 2012

In community events we’ll deliver two speeches – here are the descriptions:

Inside xVelocity (VertiPaq)
PowerPivot and BISM Tabular models in Analysis Services share a great columnar-based database engine called xVelocity in-memory analytics engine (VertiPaq). If you want to improve performance and optimize memory used, you have to understand some basic principles about how this engine works, how data is compressed, and how you can design a data model for better optimization. Prepare yourself to change your mind. xVelocity optimization techniques might seem counterintuitive and are absolutely different than OLAP and SQL ones!

Choosing between Tabular and Multidimensional
You have a new project and you have to make an important decision upfront. Should you use Tabular or Multidimensional? It is not easy to answer, because sometime there is a clear choice, but most of the times both decisions might be correct, at least at the beginning. In this session we’ll help you making an informed decision, correctly evaluating pros and cons of each one according to common scenarios, considering both short-term and long-term consequences of your choice.

I hope to meet many people in this first dates. We have many other events coming in May and June, including an online event (for US time zones), and you can also attend our PreCon Day at TechEd US in Orland (PRC06) or TechEd Europe in Amsterdam. I’ll be a good customer for airline companies in the next three months!

I’m just sorry that I hadn’t time to write other articles in the last month, but I’m accumulating material that I will need to write down during some flight – stay tuned…