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Learn more about MDX every day

I started learning MDX in 1999 and after so many years of using it and teaching it to other people, I still discover something new every day. Not only because I use it in strange ways (well, this doesn’t happen every day, at least!) but because there  Read more

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The Many-to-Many Revolution 2.0 #ssas #mdx #dax #m2m

In September 2006 I had announced in this blog the release of the first version of The Many-to-Many Revolution, a whitepaper that describes how to leverage the many-to-many dimension relationships feature that had being available since Analysis Services  Read more

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Converting #MDX to #DAX and PowerPivot Workshop online #ppws

I just published the article Converting MDX to DAX – First Steps on the renewed SQLBI web site about converting MDX to DAX. The reason is that with BISM Tabular in Analysis Services 2012 you will be able to write queries in both DAX and MDX. If you already  Read more

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Converting MDX to DAX – First Steps

A BISM Tabular model can be queried by using both MDX and DAX. These two different languages rely on different modeling concepts, because MDX has a semantic based on dimensions, attributes, hierarchies and measures, whereas DAX only knows table and…  Read more

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#MDX Cookbook : a new must read for #SSAS developers

There are not so many books about MDX and it’s strange considering that it is a very sophisticated languages that requires years for learning (I’m not kidding). I started learning MDX in 1999 and after so many years, I still have to learn something. I’ve  Read more

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#MDX in London and speculation about future books

Chris Webb, who wrote the Expert Cube Development with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services book with me and Alberto , is preparing another Introduction to MDX course in London, this time from October 26th to 28th. It is now a three day course  Read more

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IF and IIF statement in #mdx

Jeffrey Wang wrote an interesting post about internals of IF statement in MDX script , describing how and when it is rewritten as a IIF statement. The interesting news in his post is also a possible query plan tool for MDX in the future. Probably not  Read more