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Using SSAS 2005/2008 as PowerPivot Data Source: Direct MDX

If you write direct MDX queries using SSAS 2005/2008 as a PowerPivot data source, it is better if you prepare your MDX query by using another editor. For example, write and test your MDX query by using SQL Server Management Studio and then copy &  Read more

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Using SSAS 2005/2008 as PowerPivot Data Source: Query Designer

The query designer in PowerPivot has a few limitations that require the manual modification of the MDX query to get data that are often needed to create a PowerPivot model that compares data from cube with data from other sources (like Excel workbooks  Read more

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Importing data from Analysis Services 2000 to PowerPivot

Companies that have cubes on Analysis Services 2000 and still have not completed a migration to SSAS 2005/2008 might be interested in connecting to AS2000 from PowerPivot. Unfortunately, there are several limitations about using AS2000 as a data source  Read more

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How CALCULATE works in DAX

The CALCULATE function in DAX is the magic key for many calculations we can do in DAX. However, it is not pretty intuitive how it works and I spent a lot of time trying to understand how it can be used. First of all, this is the syntax. CALCULATE( <expression>,  Read more

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Gemini is now PowerPivot

The project codenamed Gemini has an official name now: PowerPivot . The complete name should be “PowerPivot for Excel 2010”, but PowerPivot is simpler. I didn’t like that name yesterday, but today it seems better. Microsoft announced this name at the  Read more

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Microsoft BI Conference 2008 – announcements on stage

We’ve seen it on stage. It’s Excel on the steroids. I’m talking about “big announcement” here at Microsoft Business Intelligence Conference. The several announcements are: · Madison: the announcement of integration between SQL Server and DATAllegro, release  Read more

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DateTool dimension: an alternative Time Intelligence implementation

Year-To-Date and Difference-Over-Previos-Year (or Year-Over-Year Growth) are among the most required features of any user. Some OLAP client (like ProClarity) offers features that try to solve this problem client-side, but I don’t like this approach given that you might have…  Read more