Natural Hierarchies in Power Pivot and Tabular


Creating a hierarchy in a Power Pivot or Tabular data model is very easy, but you might experience performance issues if the hierarchy is not “natural”. This article explains how to create hierarchies avoiding these problems.


Execute DAX queries through OLE DB and ADOMD.NET

If you want to execute a DAX query from your code to a Tabular model, you might think that an OLE DB connection should be the right way to get your data. It works, but if you your code is written in .NET a better solution is using the ADOMD.NET


Converting MDX to DAX – First Steps

Relationship between Internet Sales and products tables

A BISM Tabular model can be queried by using both MDX and DAX. These two different languages rely on different modeling concepts, because MDX has a semantic based on dimensions, attributes, hierarchies and measures, whereas DAX only knows table and columns. In order to understand these differences and how to


DateTool dimension: an alternative Time Intelligence implementation

Year-To-Date and Difference-Over-Previos-Year (or Year-Over-Year Growth) are among the most required features of any user. Some OLAP client (like ProClarity) offers features that try to solve this problem client-side, but I don’t like this approach given that you might have a server-side feature doing that (so you don’t discriminate Excel