This time Microsoft listened to the many complaints received since Excel 2013 release and the stand-alone version of Excel now includes Power Pivot and Power View! This is a very important news because there were customer who didn’t upgrade from Excel 2010 to Excel 2013 just because they would have lost the Power Pivot add-in!

This news outdates my previous posts written in February and I am very happy for that!

Microsoft updated this blog post describing the SKUs that includes Power Pivot and Power View, and now the list includes the Excel stand-alone version that anyone can buy (for example on Amazon). If you already have Excel 2013 and do not see Power Pivot active, check you have this upgrade.

As a side note, Power Pivot (formerly known as PowerPivot) has now an official name that is made by two words and is no longer a single word. The reason is that Microsoft announced Power BI, which includes Power Pivot, Power View, Power Query (code named Data Explorer), Power Map (code named GeoFlow) and much more. For a long time, we will see this name written in both ways, I think…