I am glad to announce that Kurt Buhler has started to work with us at SQLBI – we just published his first article and video, Improving data labels with format strings.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we can focus on a proper welcome post!

Kurt is a great writer with an even greater passion for data analytics. He started his blog in 2020, and with his unique style and ability to categorize and simplify complex processes and concepts, it’s no surprise that we are always linking to his articles in the “Latest News” section of the SQLBI Newsletter. Kurt is already collaborating with Microsoft (like for the Power BI implementation planning articles) and Tabular Editor. We are thrilled to have him join and contribute to the SQLBI content production.

Thanks to this collaboration, we can provide a different perspective on building a semantic model and improve the coverage of data visualization topics. We are sure it will be a great journey! Indeed, we managed to convince Kurt to record videos. We cannot publish an article without a video in 2024, right? Well, it’s easy to say, but in reality, Kurt was really pushed out of his comfort zone 😈 !

Welcome, Kurt – we are happy to have you on board!