Less than one year ago I published a pattern about ABC Classification in DAX. Such a pattern was static, so an item (e.g. customer, product) is classified statically when you process a Power Pivot or Tabular model, so filters and slicers querying data do not affect the classification’s results. In the following weeks I discussed with Alberto Ferrari and Gerhard Brueckl about how to create a Dynamic pattern, which considers the selection made on slicers and filters in order to perform the classification. The challenge was to create a relatively efficient implementation, because doing this calculation at query time could have a huge impact.

After months of work and reviews, I am happy to announce that a few days ago we published the first pattern written by a guest author (Gerhard Brueckl) on the DAX Patterns web site: it is the new Dynamic ABC Classification. This is also the first pattern not included in the DAX Patterns 2015 book, which contains all the others we published before. The idea is to gather future patterns in a future book (this one made a terrific debut – thanks!).