Power BI has been on the market one year. My biggest concern, when the product was still in private beta, was the promise of monthly releases made by Microsoft. Today, I can say that the promise was real. I see a long road ahead, in terms of features and possible improvements. But it’s a matter of fact that Power BI is a product with a growing user adoption, that every month adds features that increase the number of companies and users that can consider its usage.

If you go back to the situation of Microsoft BI two years ago, you should remind the lack of a mobile story, the requirement for SharePoint and the poor situation on the client side. A great server product (such as Analysis Services) was limited in its adoption because of the client options available. Today the trend is completely different, and on certain areas of the BI platform Microsoft became the leader instead of a follower.

I always try to find the missing part, what can be improved, without spending too much time praising what is good (and there are many things that are). But, today, I just want to join the choir you will see in the video: